Industrial Automation

Embedded Computers, Rackmounts Computers, Panel Displays and Pit Monitors made for Industrial Automa...

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Computers for AGVs "Automated Guided Vehicle"

AGV Computer Option: CDS-VNi7 Intel i7 based or CDS-UNO Intel Atom based Fanless Embedded Computers...

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Aerospace Industry

The CDS-CXX Intel Xeon Computers are used 24/7 Data Collection for Stress Test Analysis

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Headlamp Aiming and Wheel Alignment Machines

Here we have two CDS FM22 Panel Monitors and two small footprint Embedded VNi7 computers mounted in...

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Automotive Assembly Plants

CDS CXX-Series Large Footprint 4U Intel Xeon Rack Mount Computers, VNi7-Series Small Footprint Intel...

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