Welcome to the California Designs & Systems. Inc.

California Designs & Systems Inc. is an Industrial Computer, Ruggedized Monitor Design Manufacturer and Computer Systems Integrator based in California, USA. Since 1989 CDS has provided superior quality designs to small business users and Fortune-500 companies worldwide. Entities such as General Motors, Daimler Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Fiat, Boeing, US Navy and US Postal Service, have confidence is CDS built equipment.   

For over 30 years California Designs & Systems, Inc. have been design engineering industrial strength computers and ruggedized displays for manufacturing plants. Industrial Automation has been our focus. We implement the latest embedded computer systems and ruggedized industrial displays that run 24/7 in mission critical applications. We service and support our client’s equipment for 7+ years. We believe in proving excellent service, no matter how old and what make or model their equipment is. Obsolete is not a commonly used word at CDS. This is why CDS client of 1989 still rely on our design expertise, equipment and service.

Valued Client

Yes, our computers and displays can be found in assembly plants world wide. Brazil, India, South Africa, Germany, China and USA just to name a few.
CDS was founded in May of 1989 and has been providing industrial computer solutions for automation ever since.