With over 10 years of service, the CDS FP Series computers have become an Industry Standard in Industrial Factory Automation. Robust, Long-Running, these machines will not let you down!

Positive Pressure Cooling will keep the unit ultra-cool, as the air is drawn in from the bottom and vented out the top. The 15" bright LCD Display will stand out on any panel, and the NEMA 4/12 sealed front will keep everything protected. Dual removable drives provide data redundancy. The computer can be configured to suit your needs for CPU, memory, data storage requirements.

Years of unwavering service prove the CDS-FP15's reliability.

Positive Pressure Cooling With Upward Air-Flow :
CDS-FP15 Cooling Cutaway

Position your mouse pointer on the picture above to see the Air-Flow direction.
External Dimensions: 19W x 23W MEMA/4/12 Sealed Front Panel
Materials: Heavy Duty, Industrial Grade Aluminum Ice-Blue Powder Coated
Keypads: 25 Data, 12 Function Dome-Click - 10 Million Click
Panel-Mouse CDS-VP5500 Joystick Panel-Mouse
Display: Size: 15.1 Viewable
Dot Pitch: 0.297mm Pixel Pitch
Type: TFT Active Matrix
Features: Anti-Static/Glare/Reflection
Luminance: 230 cd/m2
Input: RGB Analog HDDB15
Horizontal Scan: 30 ~ 60 KHz
Vertical Scan: 56~75 Hz
Resolution: 1024x768 (Supports 640x480 up to 1024x768)
Controls: Digital OSD
Power Management: Energy Star, VESA DPMS
Power Consumption: 24W Maximum
Shielding: Protective Laxan Shield
Panel Mount: Flat Panel-Mount, Sealed Front, NEEMA 4/12 Compliant
System Board: 3ISA 4PCI 1AGP 440BX Chipset [others savailable]
I/O: 2 Com/Serial Ports (DB9), USB, Parallel (DB15)
Drives: Dual COld-Swap IDE 40-120GB 7200RPM or Dual Hot-Swap SCSI 18GB-72GB 10,000RPM, 52x EIDE CD-ROM, 1.44Mb Floppy
Video: Matrox or ATI Video Adapters
Computer: Pentium III/IV 1GHz-3GHz 128MB-2GB SDRAM/DDR 400w Industrial Power Supply
Operating Temperature: 0C (32F) ~ 50C (122F)
Relative Humidity: 5% ~ 95% non-condensing
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