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 15" Touchscreen Thin Client
  17" Touchscreen Thin Client
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  Tophat Computer
  Widescreen P4 Notebook
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 Tried And True CDS-FP15

15" Touchscreen Thin Client
The CDS-TC15T is the perfect solution for your Thin Client, Terminal and POS needs.

15" spill resistant, splash proof touchscreen LCD screen. Integrated thin client is a fanless system supporting up to 1GB memory and support for Smart Battery Backup functions. Plastic and aluminum, black and silver.

See the CDS-TC15T Thin Client Terminal
17" Touchscreen Thin Client
The CDS-FT17T is an industrial splash-proof, dust proof resistive touchscreen thin client with 17" bright 1280x1024 LCD Display. the Integrated thin client uses an AMD GX III LX800 500MHz Geode Chipset, with Flash Memory from 256MB to 8GB, DDR SO-DIMM from 512 - 1GB. Ports include, 1x Paralell, 1x Serial, 1x VGA, 4x USB2.0, 2x PS/2. The unit is housed in an industrial-grade heavy duty aluminium chasis with silver splatter powdercoat, with VESA Rear or Side mount.

See the CDS-FT17T
Slim Flat Panelmount Computer and Display
The CDS-FV15 sports a Nema 4/12 front sealing super sharp and bright 15" LCD Display, with a fast Intel Pentium IV Computer, perfect for Digital Imaging. The unit is still only 9.5" deep, perfect to fit in a small space!

See the CDS-FV15
Introducing...the CDS Top Hat Computer FXB17[T]
The CDS-FXB17T is a fully contained high-end Pentium IV computer with a built-in 17" LCD and available touchscreen [T]. It was built primarily for robot control applications, however it can be used anywhere that a fully contained, heavy-duty small enclousure is needed. The Top Hat design is rear and side mountable on arms or a pedestal.

See the CDS-FXB17
See the CDS-FXB17T
High Power P4 Widescreen Notebook
Light-weight, Portable, Compact, High-Powered, Reliable - This notebook has it all. 15.4" Widescreen WXGA 1280x800 and ATI Mobility Radeon 9600Pro 128MB Graphics make this the ultimate multimedia notebook. The Pentium IV 3.0GHz 800MHz FSB, and standard 512MB DDR memory will blow you away with its performance. Standard with: CDRW/DVDRom, 80GB Drive, Digital Audio, LAN, 56K, PCMCIA, Memory Card Reader (MMC/SD/MS), USB2.0, IEEE1394, S-Video.

See the CDS-NB9000WS
CDS-BIO128 Fingerprint USB Flash Drive
Fingerprint Security USB Flash Drive
USB Flash drives make transfering data between computers a snap. Quick and easy; no drivers are required. Now you can have the added security of fingerprint recognition.

You are the only person who can activate the device, using your fingerprint. Up to 5 fingerprints can be stored and recognized by the BioStik.

See more info on the Fingerprint USB Flash Drive
Trusted in the Industry - CDS-FP15
With over 10 years of service, the CDS FP Series computers have become an Industry Standard in Industrial Factory Automation. Robust, Long-Running, these machines will not let you down!

Positive Pressure Cooling will keep the unit ultra-cool, as the air is drawn in from the bottom and vented out the top. The 15" bright LCD Display will stand out on any panel, and the NEMA 4/12 sealed front will keep everything protected. Dual removable drives provide data redundancy. The computer can be configured to suit your needs for CPU, memory, data storage requirements.

Years of unwavering service prove the CDS-FP15's reliability.

See the CDS-FP15 PanelMount Computer and Display

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