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California Designs & Systems Inc. is an industrial computer design manufacturer and systems integrator based in California, USA. Since 1989, CDS has delivered superior quality designs, backed by excellent service and support. Our clients range from the small business users to large Fortune-500 companies, worldwide. Companies such as GM, Toyota, Honda, FIAT, Boeing Aircraft, The US Navy, and The US Postal Service rely on CDS equipment. Our systems are used on mission-critical applications that run 24/7.


We believe in providing our clients with long term economical solutions. This is why CDS customers, as far back as 1989, still come back to us for our equipment, service, and support.


30+ years of design manufacturing Industrial Computers and Industrial Displays, California Designs & Systems, Inc. has earned the reputation for making Long MTBF high end computer equipment.


We build custom designed computers, displays, and composite computers that fit in the smallest locations and the harshest environments. CDS designs are an elegant solution for rugged environments. Our high-quality finishes come in several colors and stainless steel.


We are also an economical prototype builder with quick turnaround times. We provide complete IT services, network solutions, rackmount and tower servers, and workstations for wide and local areas. We also provide a repair and upgrade service.


We believe that excellent service and support no matter how old your equipment or who sold it to you, is most important. CDS still supports and upgrades equipment delivered way back in 1989. Obsolete is NOT a commonly used word at CDS.


Why Choose CDS?

1) Our industrial grade products are made to last and have a minimum manufacturing life of 7 to 10 years. Purchasing industrial computers and monitors from CDS will save you in the long run. Costly software engineering changes caused by hardware changes are brought down to zero or a minimum.

2) At CDS, obsolete is not a commonly used term.  This is why clients as far back as our inception in 1989, still rely on CDS built industrial grade products. Industrial Servers, Splash-Proof Small Foot Print Computers, Fanless Computers, Splash Proof Computers and NEMA4, NEMA4+ and NEMA12 monitors are some, to name a few. 

3) When you come with a problem, CDS has resources to solve it. Our network of engineers will get to it and swiftly arrive at a solution.  

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